"The only true source of knowledge is experience"


About us

CVS is a non-profit think tank in pursuit of blockchain mastery and a life-long network of trusted peers. We believe blockchain and other decentralized ledger technologies will enable a tremendous amount of innovation and positive change in society. Those who invest in relevant technical and commercial experience early will be at the forefront of this journey.


Entrepreneurs, Investors, Scientists and others regularly contribute and exchange knowledge in one of three "CVS Labs". Requirements to join vary by Lab. Anybody can follow us on Twitter for regular updates and relevant blockchain content.


Cryptoeconomics Lab

CVS's Cryptoeconomic Lab strives to uncover the mechanics of decentralized systems and to design these systems conceptually in real projects.


Members enjoy:

  • Regular in-depth discussions of cryptoeconomic concepts

  • Co-creation of ideas and frameworks

  • Project opportunities


Requirements to join:

  • Relevant "area of excellence"

  • Short interview

  • Contributors only


Technology Lab

CVS's Technology Lab strives to foster the creation of blockchain projects and boost our member's technical understanding of decentralized systems.


Members enjoy:

  • Regular exchange with other blockchain coders

  • Fast gathering of blockchain coding experience

  • Project opportunities


Requirements to join:

  • Previous coding experience

  • Short coding interview

  • Contributors only

Cryptoasset Lab

CVS's Cryptoasset Lab strives to foster a deep under-standing of current blockchain projects through in-depth due diligence and exchange of opinions.


Members enjoy:

  • Regular receipt of proprietary due diligence reports

  • Summarized updates on trending and relevant projects

  • Moderated debates


Requirements to join:

  • Short interview

  • Contributors only



What it takes to become a full-stack blockchain developer?

CVS is offering FREE coding workshops lead by experienced developers, open to anybody with developer experience and serious interest in blockchain.

Topics covered include:

  • Basic building blocks of blockchain technology

  • Overview of protocols to develop Dapps on 

  • Ethereum development ecosystem 

  • Main developer tools on the Blockchain (e.g. Truffle)

  • Full stack dApp architectural design






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